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Belgium’s largest body shop network

Services provided
  • User testing
  • Wireframing (hi/lo)
  • UI/UX design
  • Custom WP Development
  • Web app. development


The challenge

Although their current website had served their purpose in the early years of their activity, it quickly became clear that it wasn’t fit for the desired growth ahead. The website did not enable internal staff to quickly and easily make changes to the content which made keeping it up-to-date a painful process. These difficulties in content management, a fairly restricted amount of pages and content as well as quite some technical deficiencies led to poor search engine visibility and low rankings. Users that did find their way to the website on the other hand were not converting into leads, which raised questions as to the overall user experience of the website.

2 persons having a meeting about Wondercar

Preparation phase

To kick off the project, we organized a series of workshops with the Wondercar team. The first was a brand sprint workshop, during which we dove deep into their current positioning and future objectives. The second workshop was a technical deep dive, in which we assessed the existing website and identified possible areas for improvement. By working closely with the Wondercar team in this first stage, we were able to gain a thorough understanding of their needs and objectives, laying the groundwork for a successful redesign and redevelopment.

Talking to the stakeholders about how they see improvements of the website is essential, but it is even more critical to validate those viewpoints with real-life user data. Therefore, we created a research plan to set clear expectations, objectives, and methods for our study. Based on this research plan we organised qualitative usability tests with a selected group that matched our previously defined personas. After analysing this data, we began working on the architecture of the new Wondercar website.


Working on the new website architecture was a crucial step in achieving the objectives set forth in the project. Wondercar’s SEO agency Clicktrust played a vital role in developing the sitemap for the new Wondercar website. The collaboration between our teams enabled us to create a comprehensive and substantiated website architecture that not only improved the user experience but also optimised the website for search engine visibility.

Sitemap of the new Wondercar website



To ensure a consistent and visually appealing user experience that matched with the offline communication tools we worked closely with The Crew as they updated the brand book accordingly. Which at that time lacked web-specific guidelines. We developed a complete UI style guide including guidelines for interactions, such as buttons, forms, and navigation.

We were able to complete this entire process in just two months. The new design was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, providing an intuitive navigation and improved overall experience for the end-user as shown by the results of our second wave of usability tests on the interactive prototype.



To achieve the clients objectives, we knew we needed a custom WordPress theme that could handle the high demands of Wondercar’s growing business. Working closely with our development team, we crafted a supercharged WordPress theme that was fully optimised for search engines, performance, and security. With their fully custom theme, they now have a website that is not only reliable and fast but also scalable for future growth.

Overview of the visual elements used on the Wondercar website

web app

Our work was quickly put to the test as wondercar.be rapidly evolved and new features where needed to support a major increase of visitors.

We have developed a custom web applications that allows customers to take pictures of the damage on their car, upload them trough our app  and receive a quote back in 4 hours max. The quote tool includes handy features as car model selection, car part selection with interactive svg’s and number plate detection. Since the implementation of this new tool, Wondercar has seen a tremendous increase in online inquiries

Wondercar’s commitment to using the latest technology has not only improved their website but also their business as a whole, enabling them to serve their customers better and more efficiently. The success of this new tool is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team in creating a solution that perfectly met the needs of our client.

Image of a person holding a phone with the Wondercar website open