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Atelier 15

A locally owned boutique coworking in Brussels

Services provided
  • Branding
  • Interior design
  • Wireframing (hi/lo)
  • UI/UX design
  • Custom WP Development
  • Photography


The challenge

As both the client and the creative agency, we faced a unique challenge in this project. The stakes were higher than ever; not only did we need to meet our own perfectionist standards, this was also a substantial investment for our studio. We needed to create a very  functional yet visually stunning coworking space that would attract a diverse range of professionals and at the same time serve as the ideal HQ for omen. We were determined to make it happen, but we also had to grapple with the added pressure of meeting our own expectations. Nonetheless, we were excited to take on the challenge and bring our vision to life!

Preparation phase

Prior to embarking on the branding and design work, we took on the Herculean challenge of reviving this abandoned old chocolate factory through six months of renovations During these first months, our team braved early morning site meetings with architects and contractors, enduring dust, noise, and endless cups of coffee to bring the vision to life. It was a true test of our perseverance and dedication, but we emerged from the process with a newfound appreciation for the space and a sense of pride that we had played a major role in its transformation.



With the renovations complete, it was time to turn our attention to the branding phase. We spent countless hours brainstorming, sketching, and iterating until we had a brand that truly captured the essence of the coworking space. From the colour palette to the typography and the iconography, every element was carefully crafted to ensure that the brand not only looked great, but also resonated with our target audience. Join us as we take you through our branding journey and show you how we brought this coworking space to life with a brand that truly captures the soul of this historical building brought back to life.

Atelier15 entrance signage
Logo size presentation of the Atelier15 logo



Given the nature fo the project we had to be extra diligent in our UI/UX design approach. We made sure that every element, from the layout to the color scheme, was aligned with the brand’s identity and the space’s interior design. But first we drafted a few personas of our target audience and created our wireframes and prototypes around those ideal customer’s needs. We tested the first drafts and refined our designs according to our user test results.



With the branding and UX/UI design complete, we moved on to developing the coworking’s website. We added key features such as a booking module, an appointment scheduler and pricing tables while highlighting the unique aspects of the space throughout the different pages of the site. In this process we have kept the amount of third party tools to a bare minimum. Our custom WordPress theme was optimised for performance and SEO and was ready to offer a seamless user experience for the first visitors. All set for the zero-moment of truth!

Image of a man looking at the Atelier15 website

A clear and well-structured pricing plan was essential for our coworking website. It helps potential members understand the available options and make informed decisions. A good pricing plan should not only be easy to understand, but also highlight the benefits of each option and clearly communicate the value proposition. This aesthetically pleasing and well developed feature has led to higher conversion rates and an easier management of potential questions.



With the coworking space finally completed and ready for the world to see, capturing its beauty was the last piece of the puzzle. Our skilled photographers managed to capture every aspect of the space. Through their lens, the attention to detail and hard work that went into every aspect of the project was showcased for the world to see. With these photos, we were able to share it with the world, making it clear that our mission was not just about creating a functional space, but one that inspires creativity and collaboration.

Picture of the Atelier15 living room

The results


Tours planned in the first 2 months of opening


Visitors in the first month of launch


Followers on Instagram


Members in the first 3 months