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La défense professionnelle des transporteurs et logisticiens belges

Services provided
  • Branding
  • Wireframing (hi/lo)
  • UI/UX design
  • Custom WP Development
  • Webshop


The Challenge

As an organization with over 90 years of history, rebranding UPTR presented a challenging and exciting opportunity. It was crucial to create a brand identity that accurately reflected the organization’s mission and values, while maintaining its rich legacy. Achieving this required a deep understanding of the transport industry and the diverse needs and interests of UPTR’s membership base. Our team worked closely with the organization to refine their visual identity that was both authentic and distinctive. This brand identity was then incorporated into a dynamic and intuitive website, providing members with valuable resources and a seamless user experience.

A man pointing at a logo proposition for the new branding of UPTR

Preperation phase

In preparation for this project, our team conducted extensive research on the transport industry and UPTR’s membership base. Given that the union operates in three distinct geographical areas with their own languages and cultures, we knew that this would be a challenging task. We collaborated closely with UPTR to ensure that every step of the process resulted in a final product that effectively resonated with their members and stood out from their competitors.



After gathering all the necessary tools and knowledge, we began creating UPTR’s new visual identity. Using a combination of moodboards and stylescapes, we honed in on a visual identity that accurately reflected UPTR’s values and needs. From there, we worked on creating a new logo and brand collateral that would effectively communicate this identity to UPTR’s membership base and broader industry stakeholders. The end result was a cohesive and impactful visual identity that provides a strong foundation for future growth and expansion.


UX – UI Design

Our team approached the UI/UX design for UPTR’s website with a focus on creating an intuitive and engaging experience for its members. We began by conducting a thorough analysis of UPTR’s existing website and identifying areas for improvement.
To achieve this, we worked closely with UPTR to define their user personas and map out user journeys. This allowed us to create a website architecture that effectively organized their content and ensured easy access to important resources. The wireframes and prototypes were continuously refined through feedback and testing. The result is a website with a clean and modern design that reflects UPTR’s new brand identity.

Image of a person scrolling through the website prototype of the UPTR website



Once the prototype was approved, our team began the process of turning it into an exceptional website. Our team leveraged the latest web development technologies and adhered to industry best practices to ensure that the site is fast, secure, and responsive across all devices. The final outcome is a website that not only effectively communicates UPTR’s message but also reflects its strong visual identity.

Webshop development

The client was highly satisfied with the final product and recognized the potential for further expansion. As a result, they made the decision to expand the website by integrating a webshop. We developed a webshop within their website, complete with order and shipping automation. This would provide their members with a wider range of resources and tools, solidifying UPTR’s position as a transport industry leader and their dedication to providing an exceptional user experience.

Image of a woman scrolling through the UPTR website prototype
Image of the inside of a truck with some materials being transported