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Most important and influential congresses in anaesthesiology and intensive care

Services provided
  • Branding
  • Wireframing (hi/lo)
  • UI/UX design
  • Custom WP Development



After maintaining a consistent brand identity for an extended period, Euroanaesthesia recognised the need for a rebrand that would better suit their expanding congress audience. Their previous visual identity lacked the desired consistency and widespread recognition, prompting them to approach us with the challenge of undergoing a rebranding effort.

Case cover picture of Euroanaesthesia

An adaptive branding

Our mission extended beyond creating a single, static branding for the congress. We aimed to establish a versatile visual identity capable of evolving each year into a fresh style while maintaining a consistent structure. This presented a unique challenge, especially considering that the congress would be held in different countries annually. To address this, we adopted a dynamic approach, altering the color scheme based on the host city of each year’s congress.


Congress Signage

Our next mission was to translate the branding into the congress signage. This involved creating a range of signage, from promotional materials to directional indicators, for each edition of the event.

Case picture of Euroanaesthesia award ceremony

Print and digital

This encompassed developing eye-catching print materials as well as crafting engaging digital content to ensure a consistent and compelling presence across all media.



To streamline the process, minimise budget constraints, and eliminate the need to create a new website from scratch for each edition, we devised a multisite platform. This innovative approach enabled us to easily tailor the website to accommodate each year’s unique visual identity and information, ensuring a consistently seamless and cost-effective online presence.

Case picture of Euroanaesthesia website